Servicing all Nevada Industrial Properties


With a vast network of assets and properties, Industrial Plants, Utility Properties, and Facilities are extremely attractive to unwanted pests and rodents. Therefore you'll appreciate our "Zero-Tolerance" policy regarding pests.

Integrity Pest Management is Northern Nevada's service provider of choice for:

- Geothermal Sites

- Sub-Stations

- Solar Energy Fields

- Mining Properties

- Waste Water Management Facilities

- Defensible Space

- Right of way Corridors

Relevant Industrial Services include:

- Insect & Rodent Control

- Bird and Bat Control

- Mosquito Control

- Pre & Post Emergent Herbicide Application

- Aquatic Weed Control

- Aquatic Algae Control

- Tractor Services

Integrity Pest Management is committed to protecting your brand, reputation, customers, and employees through our Integrated Pest Management solutions.

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Black Widow Spider control Integrity Pest Management

Black Widow

Employers and workers don't give poisonous spiders much thought because encounters only happen sometimes, even when working outdoors. But as one tiny bite can inflict damage, and black widow spiders are present throughout Northern Nevada, please raise awareness with employees at least once a year during a safety meeting, or better yet, send us an invite, and we will be glad to join your session.