Nevada Government Properties


With numerous facilities, institutions, and parks, relied upon and enjoyed by the population at large, Government properties are desirable to unwanted pests.

Integrity Pest Management is Northern Nevada's service provider of choice for:

- Schools

- Parks

- Cemetery's

- Military Facilities

- Waste Water Treatment

- Public Works

- Defensible Space

- State, City, and County Right-of-Way Corridors

Relevant Industrial Services include:

- Insect & Rodent Control

- Bird and Bat Control

- Mosquito Vector Control

- Pre & Post Emergent Herbicide Application

- Aquatic Weed Control

- Aquatic Algae Control

- Tractor Services

Integrity Pest Management is committed to protecting Government Properties, Government employees, and the environment through our Integrated Pest Management solutions.

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Oriental Roach Control Integrity Pest Management

Oriental Cockroach

The infestation source is often one of two areas: sewer pipes or storm drains. But the good news, we can treat both effectively. Oriental Cockroaches are arthropod transmitters of disease, acting as mechanical vectors and reservoirs of pathogenic agents.

Loosely translated:

- Gastroenteritis

- Salmonellosis

- Food poisoning

- Diarrhea